Like mother, like daughter

I wish I had known…

That the saying “like mother, like daughter” and “like father, like son” is not a myth.

This means that you will not turn out exactly like your parents but that they do influence behavior, beliefs, and values. Communication is key in this step.

You have to be able to communicate if behaviors bother you and your significant other should change them. If you dont like what you see from a parent talk to them and address it before it becomes a problem in the relationship.

With my fiance we are learning this still. I was raised completely different and was taught differently. He has had to address issues and I change them. He grew up as an only child and I grew up with siblings. I grew up sharing my things where as he grew up not needing to share since he was the only child. These are just a couple of things that we have had to compromise and come to an understanding. If I didn’t love him then I wouldn’t change.

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