I wish I had known…

How to solve disagreements without arguing.

As we are dating it doesn’t cross our minds that we will get into conflicts. We encounter these conflicts because we are individuals. We have different likes, dislikes, things that irritate us and things that please us.

Once you have accepted the fact that you will come across these conflicts then there are three main ways of solving these conflicts.

First one is meeting in the middle. This is where you come up with a compromise that let’s you both do what you want but also give up a few things too.

The second way is meeting on your side. This means that you both listen to each others feelings and thoughts. Then you decide which way to go based off the information and the situation. Sometimes this involves great sacrifice.

The third way is meeting later. Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree. Sometimes you cant meet in the middle or choose one way so you just have to disagree. It doesn’t mean you dont love your partner any less. It just means you can’t decide.

My fiance and I try to meet in the middle as most often as we can. Sometimes we come across where his idea or mine is better so we do that and sometimes we come across things we just cant agree on.

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