Romantic Love

I wish I had known…

that romantic love has two stages.

Romantic love is the being in love stage. In this stage we do things for each other with out thinking or sacrificing anything. Also in this stage you don’t have to work on the relationship as much. It just comes to you.

In the second stage you go more in depth on stage one. So much that love is its own language all together. There are five different languages. The first language is words of affirmation. This one uses words to affirm the person. ” Thank you for taking out the garbage, you are the best!” The second love language is acts of service. This love language is for those who actions speak louder than words. Things like helping around the house, washing the car, and mowing the grass of examples of these. The third love language is receiving gifts. This love language is for those people that love getting things like jewelry, or anything the person likes. The fourth love language is quality time. Quality time is giving the person you undivided attention. It is not sitting in the room watching TV because then you are distracted. It is sitting there and having a conversation. Quality time. The last love language is physical touch. This is a kiss, a hug, holding hands.

So how do you figure out which one is your love language? First observe your own behavior. Typically how you love people is the type of love you want to receive. Second, what do you complain about? What is the most common complaint you have? Complaints reveal what you want from the other person. Thirdly, what do you request most often? This is what you ask of your significant other. List your complaints and requests and you will find out which love language appeals to you most.

I am still learning my love language. It varies from day to day. But from here on out I am going to listen to what I want and figure it out. To me I feel like words of affirmation is most important. I love when my fiance tells me I’m doing a good job and when he takes notice in what I do.

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