Plans and lists are few of my favorite things

I was thinking about the sims. How simple their lives are and how chaotic ours are. On the sims they have their basic needs that you take care of. They have to have some sort of income to pay bills. And they learn new skills to advance in their careers. Very similar to our lives.

However, we deal with every thing life throws at us. The people who don’t understand how not everyone can live regular lives like the sims. Someone with bipolar disorder have a particular harder time fulfilling these tasks that come easy to others. So what can we do to help us fulfill these tasks?

I do a couple things in particular. I make lists and plan ahead. Of everything I need to accomplish in the day. Start off with small tasks. When I have a bigger task to complete I get overwhelmed with what I have to get done. So for me smaller tasks work way better than if I were to do several large tasks. I plan ahead. I have a schedule that I stick to. When I go against the schedule it makes me have a meltdown. If I have plans and they do not go according to plan I have a meltdown. I have to stick to my lists and my plans. But it works for me.

How do you deal with this? What are some healthy ways to not have a meltdown?

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