let’s talk about sex baby

Let’s talk about sex and bipolar disorder. Typically, a person can think about sex numerous times about day and act out on those impulses. However when you are bipolar, sex is different.

When a person is manic, you want sex constantly. You think about it constantly. You almost become obsessed with sex. You can even have multiple sex partners while manic. However when you are depressed, you do not have motivation to even get out of bed let alone have sex.

Sex is an important thing in anyone’s relationship or life. It makes you feel close to the person. You burn calories while doing it. Plus many more benefits of having sex.

My bipolar disorder affects my sex drive constantly. It is up and down and it so frustrating. Like why does it have to be that way. But in reality its nothing I can control. I can not help if I do not want to be touched. Or the opposite, I can’t get enough of it. It really depends on the day on whether or not I will be having sex. Sometimes I wish I could be a normal human being and just do it. But my significant other understands and knows when to come on to me and when not to.

#bipolardisorder #pennyforyourthoughts

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