Exercise and diet

Let’s talk about how exercise and diet affects those with bipolar disorder.

Those that have bipolar disorder tend to have eating issues as well. Whether that be throwing up after eating or eating too much in one setting. Some foods will affect us negatively while others will give us more energry. Sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and chocolate are just a few that alters your mood. It is important for us to stay hydrated. due to the medications we take, will depend on the side affects, so we have to make sure we are drinking plenty of water.

Exercise is just as important. When we are manic we will want to work out more due to having lots of energry. Exercising also helps burn off any anxiety or other moods you may be feeling at the time. Avoid making exercise decisions while manic because you will agree to literally anything and then not be able to followthrough..so start small and make goals that are reachable to you.

Both of these things can positively and negatively affect you. You can make charts to help you monitor both. This also goes back to having a plan or a schedule for each day. It’s important to eat around the same times and to exercise at the same time as well. It makes it into a schedule. Bipolar people need to have structure and a schedule to stay on top.

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