Back to the basics part 6: building a support network

How does one build a support system? Well you may already have one in place without knowing. Its close people you can talk to them about your bipolar disorder. It needs to be people that will have a positive influence of your mental wellness.

How does one talk to the person? You can find a place to talk when and where you’ll be calm and free of distractions. Stick to simple facts. Briefly describe how it affects you. Give the person the opportunity to ask questions.

So who do you tell? Tell your adult family members, children, friends, romantic partner, and employees or employer. Each set of people have an affect on your life in a particular way so being able to talk to then about your disorder is a huge deal.

It’s very important to establish this kind of relationship for your mental health.

#bipolardisorder #pennyforyourthoughts

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