Back to the basics final chapter: stress

Let’s talk about stress baby let’s talk about you and me let’s talk about all the good things and bad things that may be let’s talk about stress.

Everyone reacts to stress differently. We share some common symptoms such sweaty palms or headaches but how you respond is unique to you. The key is learning to cope in a healthy manner.

So how do you relieve stress? You have to first understand what your stressors are and how to reduce how much that stressor affects you. You have to identify what stresses you out. I can’t stress that enough.

How do we reduce stress? You can be assertive when need be, exercise, good nutrition, sleep, and plan your day ahead of time. Here is some helpful tips that I found works!

1. Make time for yourself. This one is self explanatory. Just make time to do things you enjoy.

2. Improve your mood. Do an activity that boosts your mood. For me it is painting.

3. Evaluate each week your progress. Meaning what activities helped? What didn’t help? Did something cause you to be more stressed? The things not helpful should change or cut out of your routine.

4. Adapt your plan. Meaning the goals you set and strategies in place, you may have to change. Maybe do smaller goals or take smaller steps towards your objectives.

Stress is going to come at you no matter what. How we deal with them is the response we get in return. There are things out there to make situations less stressful. You have to find out what works for you and stick to it.

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