Back to the basics part 5: sleep

Sleep is very important to get whether or not you have bipolar disorder. However the lack of sleep can cause a bipolar episode. I know its difficult to get on a sleep schedule but it’s important. People with bipolar disorder tend to have insomnia.

So what causes insomnia? Symptoms are trouble falling asleep, awakening through out the night, waking early and not being able to return to sleep, headaches, and irritability. Some things that could trigger you to not sleep is stress, altitude, change in your normal routine among other reasons. People who live with bipolar disorder are sensitive to changes in their internal clocks.

You can treat insomnia by medications, behavioral programs, and improved sleep habits. What are some good sleep habits you ask? Well go to bed when sleepy, decrease or eliminate caffeine, avoid naps in late afternoon or evening, and use the bed for sleep and intimacy not other things.

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