Update on me and Words of Affirmation

This post is going to be two post into one. An update on me and the next love language. So I haven’t been blogging much because I have been depressed. Not wanting to do anything let alone take care of myself. Its been overwhelming.I can only imagine how my fiance feels after he is left to pick up the pieces. i have let my chores go and that’s not okay. I have even let work suffer. To day I am feeling much better and more like myself so I decided to write.

Words of Affirmation. This is where the primary love language is to use words. Kind words, encouraging words. Words speak louder than actions in this case. Things you could do to speak their language are but not limited to:

  • say how terrific they are
  • say I love you
  • write a card

Some things to avoid is harsh words and criticism.

This love language is pretty simple. Just communicate with your significant other and use your words to express your love for them. Communication is key!

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