Roles within the relationship

I wish I had known…

…that toilets are not self-cleaning.

When growing up the toilet was always clean. And then I picked it up as a chore when I got older. But when I was younger I never thought about who cleaned it. Roles within the relationship is one of the most stressful things a couple can go through.

Who does what? There are several factors that go into deciding your role in the relationship. The two of you grew up differently meaning you will have different point of views for who does what.

Where do these ideas come from? A second influence of what you think your role is, is how you see maleness and femaleness. This is influenced from education, what we are taught to be a male and a female role. Another reason could be religious as well.

What are each of you good at? Both of you have different skills so use those to your advantage. It can benefit the relationship tremendously if you do what each is good at.

Likes and dislikes. This one is easy. Each of you have things you like to do and are good at and you have things you would prefer not to do. For example, I enjoy doing the dishes and laundry but I am not very good at.

My fiance and I have established our roles in the relationship already. He does the living room, the bathroom, and the bedroom. I keep up with the kitchen and laundry. I also cook dinner for us when I am not working. If we didn’t have these established already I honestly wouldn’t know what do. My bipolar brain does not handle not having structure very well. I need structure and need to know where I stand at all times.

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