Family reunion part 2

So this family reunion. It’s going all right. My anxiety is high. Like I’m crawling out of my skin. And nothing is wrong but I feel helpless.

Today we have the family reunion followed by my niece’s birthday. Then going to my sisters house. I’m manic and anxious. Being around my family puts me on a high and what about the downward spiral afterwards? That’s what I’m worried about. The crash.

Any helpful tips on dealing with the downward spiral? Comments appreciated.

#bipolardisorder #pennyforyourthoughts

2 thoughts on “Family reunion part 2”

  1. Coffee, and maybe a relaxing day with the people you feel the most comfortable around. Take it easy do small things and don’t worry about the big stuff. When you get home we have an episode of Harlots awaiting us and im thinking a bag of popcorn and coffee! Love ya girl and always here for you ❤️❤️

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