Back to the basics part 3

Treatment. What about it? Why should you get treated? These are just some of questions we ask.

Why is it important to get treatment? When seeking treatment there was 3 key reasons that I did. The first one was for myself because i couldn’t live like that anymore. The second was for my loved ones, friends and family. The third reason was so it would stop affecting me at work.

There are two stages of treatment. Acute treatment which is short term and used to get you out of an episode. The second treatment stage is preventive which is long term and it gives you the tools to prevent episodes.

There is three main treatment plans–medication, education, and psychotherapy. Medication is watched closely due to how complex bipolar disorder is. It normally involves trial and error till you find the right medication. Educating yourself is the most important strategy. The more you know about the disease the better you will be able to get the right help that you need. Psychotherapy enahances the medicine and gives you the tools to overcome a relapse or hospitlization. There are 4 types of psychotherapy one can undergo. The first one is cognitive behavioral therapy which focuses on specific strategies and exercises that help with thinking. The second one is interpersonal and social rhythm therapy which focuses on a number of topics covered in educational groups. It also helps develops routines. So when you take your medicine, when to go to sleep, and wake up. The third is family focused therapy which is centered around the family. The fourth and final therapy is group therapy which is where you sit in a group if people similar to you and speak about things. For me group didnt work.

What works for me is medicine and individual therapy. My therapist is amazing and really knows how to talk to me. I feel safe and secure with her.

If you feel like you have bipolar disorder, please do a couple things–see your healthcare provider and start the ball rolling and educate yourself on the illness.

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