After being depressed I am finally into my mania. I’ve had some really good days. And I’ve had some bad days. I’ve been working alot and babysitting. But all this has me thinking would I be a good parent. I mean the obvious is already against me, bipolar disorder. Can I handle it mentally? How do you prepare for it? The answer you dont. You just seeing with the punches as they come for you. No matter how much you read nothing can prepare you for parenthood. That being said I also have some issues with my uterus. So can I even have children? Am I getting my hopes up for nothing? No because the child is worth it.

4 thoughts on “Parenthood”

  1. I think with even being bipolar and having uterus issues, that you can still be a great mom and babysitting can help prepare you for that. Thank you for all your inspirational posts!

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  2. Keshy, you will be a great momma one day! You have your struggles but they have made you who you are and because of those challenges you have become strong enough to conquer anything in your path!

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