The day my life changed forever♡

So the day my life changed. I got triggered at a family event. When I came home I had came down from the high of everything happening. I immeaditley went into overdrive. I crumpled on the floor started balling pulling out my hair basically throwing a fit for no reason. Everything was fine nothing negative happened so why was I freaking out so? It got to a point that I wanted to hurt myself because I felt worthless of everything. I told my fiance I needed to get checked into a mental facility that I felt broken. He then took me to the hospital. I waited and waited and waited. Finally I was getting escorted out by policemen. Remind I’ve never been arrested or been in the back of a cop car. I was freaking out. They asked me some basic questions and I answered. They took me to the mental facility where I got checked in. Now the real fun begins.


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